Class 40 RC2 specs for sale

Akilaria Class 40 and 950

The "Class 40" has exploded in Europe, and is rapidly gaining attention here in North America. SAIL Magazine named the Akilaria Class 40 one of its "Best Boats 2008" with an award for "Innovation in a Performance Boat". It's a fast, easy-to-sail boat -available with a full cruising interior or as a minimalist racer- with a fixed keel, twin rudders, water ballast, open cockpit, carbon rig and retractable carbon pole for asymmetrical kites. Class rules forbid the use of canting keels or "exotic" materials in construction, which serves to keep the cost down and provide maximum "bang for the buck" to sailors. For more information on Class 40 racing and to read the Box Rule, go to

The Akilaria Class 40 is designed by Mark Lombard, best known for his Open 60s "Sill" and "Bonduelle". Lombard has drawn a hull with low wetted surface and a hard chine aft -similar to the new Open 60 and Volvo 70 designs- which allows earlier planing and better stability. The boat is built by MC-TEC, a company of builders formerly with maxi-boat builder Wally Yachts. In a purpose-built, high-tech factory on the coast of Tunisia, Akilarias are built using industrial female molds and the SCRIMP vinylester resin infusion molded sandwich construction technique.

The deck and hull are extremely light and strong, with a displacement of only 10,000 pounds. The carbon rig is built by Lorimar, a leading French spar builder that builds most of the spars for the Class 40 fleet. The generous sail plan powers a very light and responsive boat that performs well at any wind speed and on all points of sail.

The Class 950 is also a box rule, like its big brother the Class 40. The rule was created in late 2006 by solo race veteran Jean-Marie Vidal. Vidal worked with leading French designers, such as Marc Lombard and Pierre Rolland to develop the correct parameters for the new rule. Philosophically the rule is very similar to that of the Class 40.


akilaria under sail

The 950 is intended to fit the gap in both performance and cost between the Mini 6.50 and the Class 40. The Class 950 is hoping to attract the Corinthian sailor who is looking for a mid-sized, competitive, fast, fun and affordable boat to race while leaving the professional sailor in this size range in the much more complicated Figaro Class.

Designer Marc Lombard says “The boat is extremely stable. It’s a very beamy boat – 3.7m, almost 50cm more than a Figaro so it’s a lot more powerful. Also, it has 450kg of water ballast where as the Figaro has 220kg. The 950 has double the water ballast as a Figaro boat so it is really kind of a super Figaro – more powerful, more stable, faster and lighter. It’s potential is quite enormous.”

During a recent test sail in France in around 18 knots of wind, the Akilaria agent in France was attempting to get the boat to broach but failed to, recounts Lombard.

Akilaria's USA distributor Brian Harris has extensive experience with Open class boats, having prepared and raced them throughout the world for 10 years. The Akilaria will be commissioned at Maine Yacht Center in Portland, Maine to each owner's particular contract specification. Brian will make sure that every detail of your Akilaria is perfect before it leaves the yard in Maine.