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Akilaria Race Results :

Normandy Channel Race
Sept 2012
1000 mile double-handed Class 40 race in the waters of the English Channel and the Irish and Celtic Seas.
Akilarias finished in first and fourth place.

TransAt Quebec – St.Malo
July-Aug 2012
Crewed Class 40 Trans Atlantic Race from Quebec, Canada to St.Malo France.
Akiliarias finished in third and fourth place

2011-12 Global Ocean Race
Around the World Race with 4 stops.
Akilarias finished in first, second and third place.

Class 40 World Championship
July 2010
4-day regatta; Gijon, Spain.
Akilaras first place, second place, third place.

Roma per Due
April 2010
Class 40 Race; 530 nm double-handed race in the Med.
Akilara first place.

April 2010
Class 40 Race. Five around-the-bouy races in the Med; fully crewed.
Akilaria first place.

La Solidaire du Chocolat
October 2009
Class 40 Race. Double-handed trans-Atlantic race, France to Mexico.
Akilaria 5th place out of 14 finishers.

Fastnet Race
August 2009
Akilaria third place.

Class 40 World Championship
August 2009
3-Day regatta, Hamble, U.K.
Akilaria first and second place.

RORC Caribbean 600
February 2009
600 nm race around Caribbean Islands.
Three Class 40’s entered
Akilaria finished first.

Portimao Global Ocean Race
November 2008 - May 2009
Around the World Race: four stops.
Akilaria first and third place -overall.

Rolex Middle Sea Race
October 2008. IRC handicap regatta.
Malta, Mediterranean. Akilaria first place on corrected time.

Morbihan Mondial Class 40 Worlds
September 2008
Mixed event regatta, France.
Akilaria second, third and fourth place.

1000 Mile Brittany Ferry
August 2008. Fully crewed.
France – England.
Akilaria third and fifth place.

Quebec – St.Malo
June 2008
Fully Crewed trans-Atlantic race, Quebec – France. Akilaria second place.

Artemis TransAt
May 2008
Single-handed trans-Atlantic race, England – Boston.
Akilaria second and third place.

Trans-At Jacque Vabre
November 2007
Double-handed trans-Atlantic race, France – Brazil.
Akilaria second place.

1000 Mile Brittany Ferry
August 2007
Fully crewed, France – UK.
Akilaria first place.

Morbihan Mondial Class 40 Worlds
July 2007
Mixed event regatta,
Akilaria first place.